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About MJF Plumbing & Heating

Proud to be your local Plumbing and Heating Experts for over 30 years!

MJF is a family owned business that started in 2008. We are a 3rd generation plumbing & heating company with over 30 years experience.

MJF is a local family owned company and is the third generation of plumbers. Together we have over 40 years of experience and are always staying up to date on new technology and training. We have the knowledge and experience in this field to help you with any situation. We are licensed in RI and MA. We specialize in construction, renovations, light commercial and all types of service work. We are certified to work on all plumbing aspects; gas piping, propane piping, new oil tank installs, oil boiler install, and all hot water boiler systems and residential steam boilers. 

We are a go green plumbing and heating company. We specialize in installing new high efficiency boilers and on demand water heaters. We also provide the best plumbing equipment out there for lower usage.

MJF plumbing & Heating is a go green company. We install and service high efficient boilers and water heaters. In today’s world it can get very expensive to maintain your home so why throw money out the window? Did you know that by going green by installing a high efficiency boiler or on demand water heater you could cut your bills right in half?! High efficient units are made to modulate the fuel intake as needed so they will run less often saving you money and fuel. Call today for a free consultation with one of our techs so that you can find out how you can start saving money by installing a unit that will allow you to have a more energy efficient home. 


RI License Number: MP3492

MA License Number: PL24116