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High Efficiency / Standard Boilers

Installation and Service for High Efficiency or Standard Boilers

Whether you're looking to upgrade your boiler or keep your current one running and well serviced, MJF Plumbing is Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusett's best choice for home boiler installation and repair service!

Here at MJF Plumbing we install and service a lot of high efficiency boilers. In today’s world it can get very expensive to maintain your home so why throw money out the window?

Did you know that by going green by installing a high efficiency boiler you could cut your bills right in half?!

High efficiency units are made to modulate the fuel intake as needed so they will run less often saving you money and fuel. Call today for a free consultation with one of our techs so that you can find out how you can start saving money by installing a unit that will allow you to have a more energy efficient home. 

If you're not quite ready to update or replace your current boiler, we can also service your existing boiler and ensure it is running at optimal levels.  

We install Lochinvar boilers.

Over the years MJF Plumbing & Heating has established a reputation with contractors and home owners with quality work and dependability. We are a go Green plumbing & heating company and understand that you as a customer don't want to be burning your money with equipment that is out dated. Every minute counts when you're experiencing a problem so we guarantee prompt, courteous service. Contact us today or give us a call at 401-297-6641 to speak with one of our plumbing and heating professionals.